How do i keep track of affiliate programs?

Everflow is arguably the best affiliate tracking platform out there, with a great user interface and an extensive set of features. To make affiliate marketing and tracking easier for you, we've put together a list of some of the best affiliate marketing tracking software programs out there. Affiliate tracking, especially for SaaS companies, FirstPromoter is first on our list. Firstpromoter, an all-in-one software, allows SaaS companies to easily track, manage and optimize any type of referral-based marketing programs.

Packed with numerous tracking methods, such as browser cookie tracking, flash cookie tracking, IP address tracking, and more, Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most accurate affiliate tracking programs on the market today. Even with the most affordable version of Post Affiliate Pro, you can run and track an unlimited number of campaigns for your store or website, linking to more than 170 CMS and payment gateways. Voluum, a one-stop-shop for all your marketing activities, allows you to track different ad formats and all traffic sources. With an easy-to-use interface and lots of cool features, Voluum is undoubtedly one of the best cost-effective tools on this list.

What is more? Osi Affiliate offers a wide range of professionally designed landing page templates that you can use for your referral program. You can also provide your customers with promotional codes to increase sales. Starting with one of our personal favorites, Everflow is an excellent affiliate tracking software program with a flawless user interface. Developed for marketing professionals, Everflow provides you with a comprehensive platform for managing your affiliates, influencers and strategic partnerships.

Based on the Google Cloud platform, Everflow provides you with real-time access to all your data to make marketing decisions, make comparisons and perform more detailed analyses. CAKE is another affiliate marketing tracking solution for measuring, managing and optimizing partner campaigns for maximum performance. In addition to providing real-time analytics, CAKE leverages custom segmentation parameters, such as location, device, browser, traffic limits and redirections, for real-time traffic monetization. If you're using WordPress to manage your website or e-commerce brand, you should definitely take a good look at AffiliateWP.

AffiliateWP is a reliable and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that provides you with the affiliate marketing tools you need to effectively grow your business. We'll also review the top 10 affiliate marketing software platforms that brands can use to take their affiliate program to the next level. With more than seven years in the affiliate marketing industry and more than 20,000 customers, Refersion is one of the leading affiliate marketing software platforms on the market. Refersion gives brands all the tools they need to scale and promote their affiliate programs, such as managing commissions, payments and providing simplified tax automation.

Refersion integrates with the main SaaS e-commerce platforms and has one of the largest marketplaces full of affiliates for brands to discover. Impact is one of the largest affiliate marketing software platforms for cloud automation. Its Impact Partnership Cloud feature allows brands to develop automated affiliate or influencer marketing campaigns. For companies that operate and generate their revenues primarily on SaaS e-commerce platforms, Tapfiliate can be an excellent option.

Affise has an intuitive and highly customizable control panel and is an excellent option for agencies that manage multiple affiliate networks at the enterprise level. A notable feature of Affise is its intelligent segmentation feature, which allows you to segment the audience using criteria such as geolocation, device, language or device connection speed. Affise also offers robust tracking and reporting capabilities. Cake is another affiliate marketing platform available via the web, the cloud, or SaaS.

Cake partners with more than a dozen partners to offer a variety of optimized and automated features, most notably its live reporting and tracking capabilities, which allow brands to optimize their affiliate campaigns in real time. Cake doesn't provide pricing on its website and requires a personalized quote. CJ Affiliate offers access to hundreds of markets and brands on one platform. It provides a customizable control panel and a variety of specialized reports and tools.

In particular, CJ Affiliates offers specialized tools, such as Deep Link Automation and Product Widgets, that allow brands to improve the ROI of their affiliate programs. CJ Affiliate also allows brands to boost lead generation by maximizing their partners' content. Specialized affiliate tracking software is used to track affiliate campaigns, and is generally supplied and supported by the affiliate network. Often, the merchant and affiliate will also use their own tracking software to ensure that there are no major discrepancies.

Tracking links for affiliate campaigns is a proven way to increase the performance of your programs and optimize your marketing strategies. However, not all affiliate link tracking programs are accurate and reliable enough, so we'd like to explain how to track your affiliate links taking advantage of the functionality and usability of the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tools. You should definitely do it, as competition in the affiliate marketing industry is becoming more intense and partners have to redouble their efforts to stay afloat. The last option is probably the most common method, although it's the one that takes the most time to set up and you'll have to do it every time you want to see your affiliate marketing data.

LinkTrust allows advertisers, ad networks, retailers and marketing agencies to accurately and easily manage, track and attribute the performance of marketing campaigns. There are merchants that offer what is called an affiliate lock: if the first affiliate to recommend it, the customer earns a commission over the customer's lifetime. Brands must be able to accurately track their affiliate sales and access granular data in real time to effectively measure the ROI of their affiliate campaigns. However, it doesn't include some essential affiliate features that you would expect, such as affiliate tracking or fraud detection security.

We've already pointed out that you should take appropriate advantage of tracking links if you want to increase your revenue and be successful as an affiliate marketer. In this case, the first affiliate to refer the customer earns a commission as long as the customer remains a customer; every purchase made by the customer will generate the affiliate commission. Publishers often make the most of affiliate marketing by creating content that adds real value for their readers and prioritizes their experience. With more than 12,000 customers, including brands like GetApp, Baidu and AppLift, Tune has all the features you need to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

TUNE allows brands to create, manage and grow their affiliate partner networks through its patented marketing technology. .

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