How to Track Affiliate Marketing Success

Are you looking for ways to measure the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns? Tracking the performance of your affiliates is essential for understanding how well your program is doing and for making sure that your affiliates are still active. Yaniv Goldenberg, from cnvrg, says that the most important metric is always revenue. Most affiliates optimize themselves toward one goal: revenue. They will also be optimized for higher conversion rates and faster payouts.

Many marketers and bloggers invest a lot in new content for their sites just to increase traffic and page views, without a particular plan for how they will increase revenues. Monthly net sales are a good indication of the website's average sales. It will also show you what to expect for a particular month. Therefore, EEPC helps you maximize revenues and, at the same time, increase your affiliates' profits. AOV revenue %3D divided by the number of orders. Scorecards are a great way to get a quick update on the performance of your affiliate marketing campaign.

You can select up to 15 metrics and automate performance updates for those metrics for the entire company or for specific departments. You can even schedule dashboard snapshots and performance alerts on any Slack channel. It's also important to provide information and help to your affiliates, instead of just selling. You need to make sure that these people are as enthusiastic as ever, so you should keep track of their visits, referrals, and conversion rates. To do this, go to the Affiliates tab and search for the name of your primary affiliate.

The unpaid earnings metric will give you a good idea of whether they're still active, but you'll want to dig a little deeper. If you select Reports under the name of the affiliate, you can dive deeper into their sales, visits, conversion rates, and more. Use the drop-down menu to compare their performance over different periods of time and, if you see that their statistics are dropping, contact them. What will give you a clue is the conversion rate in the Visits tab. A good way to check where the problem is is to log in to your Google Analytics account and check your conversion rate for different types of media.

If your referral conversion rate is much lower than that of other media, then you have to ask yourself why that is the case. Where in AffiliateWP are these KPIs located? I don't see an accurate conversion rate because I only see “visits”, not “visitors”. To make affiliate marketing and tracking easier for you, we've put together a list of some of the best affiliate marketing tracking software programs out there. FirstPromoter is first on our list. Firstpromoter, an all-in-one software, allows SaaS companies to easily track, manage and optimize any type of referral-based marketing programs. Packed with numerous tracking methods, such as browser cookie tracking, flash cookie tracking, IP address tracking, and more, Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most accurate affiliate tracking programs on the market today.

Even with the most affordable version of Post Affiliate Pro, you can run and track an unlimited number of campaigns for your store or website, linking to more than 170 CMS and payment gateways. Voluum is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing activities that allows you to track different ad formats and all traffic sources. With an easy-to-use interface and lots of cool features, Voluum is undoubtedly one of the best cost-effective tools on this list. What is more? Osi Affiliate offers a wide range of professionally designed landing page templates that you can use for your referral program. You can also provide your customers with promotional codes to increase sales. Starting with one of our personal favorites, Everflow is an excellent affiliate tracking software program with a flawless user interface. Developed for marketing professionals, Everflow provides you with a comprehensive platform for managing your affiliates, influencers and strategic partnerships based on the Google Cloud platform. Everflow provides you with real-time access to all your data to make marketing decisions, make comparisons and perform more detailed analyses.

CAKE is another affiliate marketing tracking solution for measuring, managing and optimizing partner campaigns for maximum performance. In addition to providing real-time analytics, CAKE leverages custom segmentation parameters such as location, device, browser, traffic limits and redirections for real-time traffic monetization. If you're using WordPress to manage your website or e-commerce brand, you should definitely take a good look at AffiliateWP. AffiliateWP is a reliable and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that provides you with the affiliate marketing tools you need to effectively grow your business. Whether it's choosing which programs to promote next or evaluating the profitability of efforts already made, EPC is still the best performance indicator for affiliate marketers. When you start using affiliate analysis to your advantage not only will you be able to keep more affiliates interested in your program but you'll also see an increase in your conversion rate. Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online by recommending digital products or services to people and earning a commission. This is extremely valuable because it's a hundred times easier to increase conversions for affiliates who are already making sales than it is to attract new affiliates who are just starting out and who may not even have enough traffic to generate sales. Just as taking full advantage of your analytics tools can improve the performance of your store it can also improve your affiliate marketing program.

Bloggers YouTubers Instagram influencers Facebook pages: all use affiliate marketing to boost a company's sales and earn commissions. Compare the AOV (Average Order Value) of your website with the AOV of the affiliate channel to see how much value it generates. Tune acts as a central repository for all your marketing efforts bringing together all your marketing partners networks channels and campaigns in one place. Therefore the higher my EPC (Earnings Per Click) rate the more purchasing power and attractiveness it will be for me as an affiliate to continue generating traffic and promoting an affiliate offer. All too often affiliate marketers use a shotgun approach obtaining as many products as possible to promote when they should be focusing on their core products or services that generate higher commissions.

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